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We will be hosting an open community feedback session about the website, the principles, and the impact of the project after the official launch on April 2nd. If you would like to be contacted directly about the feedback session please tick the box.

Sensory Improvements Made

Audible music not overpowering
Windows double or triple glazed
Absorbent materials for floor, ceiling, and walls
Low odour products

Equipment Improvements Made

Furnisihing and Fittings
Clean Surfaces
Non-reflective surfaces
Sound absorbing furniture and décor
Self-serve options
Low shelving to allow a view of the space

Respectful Improvements Made

Warm greeting (smile, give an inviting question ‘what can I get for you’ ‘how can I help’
Patience to communicate, speak and show whenever possible, then wait for a response
Respectful, not condescending, and kind - Show compassion
Offer support and wait

Visual Improvements Made

Calm colours- cream, tans
Matte finish on surfaces
Natural Materials
Visual Instruction
Use of pictures and symbols whenever possible
Concise labels
Pictorial language
Label areas
Visual instruction-demonstration
Social procedure/menu on website for preparation
Plain English

Intentional Improvements Made

Create displays, speak, and interact thoughtfully and purposefully
Provide a social procedure to prepare before visiting

Create Zones Improvements Made

Option of spaces with lower stimulation
Storage, seating, waiting area, and ordering or service counter visually separate and organized
Navigable environment
Addition of environmental cues to the function of the space (furniture or carpet indicate reading corner or quiet space)
Cues for instruction- one way circulation
Clear simple art
Arrange furniture to indicate separate areas
Clear Layout
Colour or patterns to show movement through space

Environment Improvements Made

Natural Lighting
Incadescent Lights
Natural ventalation
Low decibel fans

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On the lands that we work, we walk and we live, we acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians and cultural knowledge holders of these lands.